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Kinkakuji, 1397, Muromachi Kinkakuji known in the name of the real rokuonji.
period, the temple was built by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.
Is a World Heritage Site.
In Japan, no, and said the most famous temple in Kyoto.
Elegant and luxurious appearance will be surprised.

In Kyoto, it is important to feel the season.
One of them is the foliage. Momoji Somarimasu and bright red. It is lighted, night and day, both Tanoshimemasu.

Although some distance from the center, is also wonderful Arashiyama area. Come, please walk in Sagano bamboo grove.
As well as landscapes, when the wind blew the sound, feel the Japanese point.

I feel most is the view of Kyoto.The angle of the picture symbolize Japan.
Gion is the place. Also streets of Gion, is wonderful. Come and eat Gion is recommended.
Japanese food is very delicious food.

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